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Still time to enroll in Spring SCUBA training

There is still time to enroll in the Freedom Dive program Spring Session.  Details are below and the necessary forms can be located in the Freedom Dive Program portion of this web site.

You simply need to inform  us at: or call 831-423-7728 to let us know of your intentions.  You will need to bring hard copies of the three forms with you with the student record and liability release filled out.  The medical release doesn’t need completion until the ocean dive portion of the class.

Freedom Dive Program

A collaborative offering of Monterey Bay Veterans and Degnan Divers

Mission: To provide access to specialized dive instruction and recreational ocean diving for all veterans and military, who would be uncomfortable with or have a low probability of success in a traditional diving class due to disability.

Target Population:

  1. Veterans with special needs of any type including physical, emotional or cognitive.
  2. Family members or care givers interested in SCUBA in order to assist in the veteran’s success.


  1. Provide SCUBA training and certification at little or no cost to the veterans beyond their travel and accommodations. This is accomplished by utilizing services, facilities and other physical assets provided by Monterey Bay Veterans and Degnan Divers.
  2. Provide a safe and accommodating learning and activities environment for the special needs dive student.
  • The academic content of the course will be covered in traditional lecture/discussion, online or a combination of both.
  • The pool environment at CSUMB emphasizes one on one instruction and provides the students with the ability to learn at their own pace.
  • On the water safety and comfort is provided in Monterey Bay by using MBV’s specially modified 60 foot dive boat, the “Freedom”. Visit to learn more about this one of a kind dive vessel and the Lift to Freedom (L2F) submersible dive platform.
  • The opportunity is available to participate in regularly scheduled “pool only” SCUBA activities for those not interested in certification or ocean diving.


  1. The seven week training will be one day a week (Sunday) for four to five hours.
  2. The next class is scheduled to begin March 29, 2015 from 8:00 to 12:00 at the California State Unitversity, Monterey Bay Aquatic Center
  3. Bring hard copy of the liability release, student record and medical release found in the Freedom Dive Program section of this web site.  Bring a swimsuit and towel and these forms even if not completed.

Questions may be directed to Bill Reisig at 831-423-7728 or Frank Degnan at 831-277-1705.