Monthly Archives: May 2015

ABBA Industries to the rescue

Monterey Bay Veterens extends our sincere thanks to ABBA Industries,Inc/RC Plath, Co.

History; We thought we were up against a big problem when our specialty  dive boat for physically challenged  veterans, “Freedom”, suffered the loss of major components of the anchoring system.  To make a long story short, after searching for information on the identity of our system, we approached ABBA Industries with our problem.  Without a moments hesitation, ABBA wrote back to us that they could in fact replace  the failed parts,  but added that they would be honored to provide them and some additional services at no cost.

As a non-profit, this kind of support is a tremendous help to us in maintaining  our rehabilitation programs at no cost to our disable veterans.  We thank and salute ABBA Industries for the support they have provided to those who served and sacrificed for us.