On Demand Services

Independence Fishing Program

“Honoring disabled veterans who gave of themselves in the name of Freedom”

The “Independence” program consists of our daily (by appointment) trips for those who qualify.

We have two vessels operating in this program:


“Independence”, a 49 foot (Defever) is used for fishing and other marine access


“Freedom”, a 60 foot (Pacifica) modified for the physically challenged dive program

These boats are available for fishing trips, scuba diving, spreading of ashes with military honors, sightseeing, boating safety courses, whale watching, and marine environmental education. These boats are owned and operated by Monterey Bay Veterans Inc.

If you would like to schedule a trip please call our office to make an appointment.

There is no charge for any disabled veteran wishing to utilize this service. However, if you wish to send a donation to our organization please visit our Donations page for donation forms and instructions. Any and all donations are acknowledged and gratefully accepted.